Below, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions!
By checking through the list you may find an immediate answer to most of your questions and,
in many cases, you’ll be able to resolve your issue yourself without having to wait!

How do I cancel my Gold Membership?

For security reasons, you can only delete your Gold Membership yourself by entering your password.

Enter your password in the box. If you have entered the correct password, you will then have the option of activating/deactivating your Gold Membership. 

The cancellatiopn period will start to apply as from the date on which you de-activate your auto-renewal.

How do I find this?
My settings -> Payment

How do I erase my profile?

For security reasons, you can only delete your profile yourself by entering your password.

Enter your password in the box and then click the “Delete profile” button, which will appear if you have entered the correct password. Your profile has been deleted.

Please not that if you have a current Gold Membership and choose to erase your profile, you will still be charged for the period of notice in compliance with the terms and conditions for users.

How do I find this?
My settings -> Delete profile

I can't delete my profile?

If you have an ongoing Goldmembership subscription, you cannot delete your profile. As soon as your cancellation period is up and your Goldmembership has expired, you can choose to delete your profile.

How much does it cost to become a Goldmember?

Firstdate offers different types of Gold,embership both with and without a minimum term.

My Goldmembership hasn't been activate, but I've paid for it?

Make sure that you have been charged by your bank. If you’ve been charged for the service but still don’t have access to all the Gold features, this is probably because you have more than one profile. Your receipt will show which username you purchased Gold Membership for. You cannot transfer your Gold Membership to another profile.

Do I have any cancellation period?

When you sign up for a Goldmembership at Firstdate you always have a cancellation period. You pay for the current subscription period plus 30 days. If you buy into a campaign, the period of notice is 60 days. You pay for the current period plus 60 days.

The period of notice starts from the date on which you switch off the automatic renewal option in your settings, see “How do I cancel my Gold Membership?”.

I have been charged despite having cancelled/erased my profile.

Please note that you have a period of notice in compliance with the terms and conditions for users. You pay for the current subscription period plus 60 days.

Once the period of notice comes to an end, all charges will also cease.

My profile photo has not been approved.

When it comes to photos, we have an editor who reviews all profile photos before they are published. 

  • Can people clearly see your face?
  • Are you wearing sunglasses?
  • Are you by yourself on the photo?

Please try again by uploading another profile photo. During the daytime, profile photos are usually approved within an hour.

Problems uploading photos?

If you have problems uploading photos into your photo album, it might be because of using an incorrect format. Please upload photos to your albums in the formats .jpg or .png. 

If you receive an error message, it’s likely because the photos are too large. Try and reduce the size of the photo and try again. 

To upload a picture, please go to “My albums”. Then click “Browse” to select a picture on your computer that you want to upload. Please note that the minimum size is 120 x 120 pixels but the maximum file size is 4 MB. Then click “Save”. Your picture will be added to your album. If you get an error message, please reduce the size of the picture and try again.

To choose a profile picture, click “presentation image” under the picture you want to use, then click “Save changes”. You will then proceed to the next step, where you need to crop the picture so that your face shows clearly in the light area. Click “Save” right under the picture (use the scroll bar at the right if the picture is so large that you cannot see the Save button).

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your profile picture to be approved. Your picture should be a picture of yourself in which your face can be clearly seen. Wearing sunglasses in the picture, for instance, is not allowed.

I have forgotten my password.

If you have forgotten your password you can easily get a new one! 

    • Start by logging out by clicking on “Logout” in the menu on the right.


  • fter that, click on “Forgot?” to the right of the login box. You will be asked to fill in your username or email address.
  • Fill in either of those and then click on “Send”



A new password will be sent to the email address you entered when you registered. If you don’t receive a message in your email Inbox within a few minutes, please check your Junk folder.

How do I sort out Lovemail Deluxe?

The idea behind Lovemail Deluxe is to make it simpler to contact larger groups of singles with just one message to make it easier to find someone to chat to! When you answer the Lovemails you get in reply, a private conversation starts up! 

It isn’t possible to see the difference between a Lovemail Luxury and a “private” Lovemail ? the idea is just to make it easier to get started chatting to others. 

It is not possible to sort out Lovemail Luxury messages from the Inbox.

My profile has the wrong information.

If something on your profile isn’t right, you can change it by clicking on “My settings” in the menu on the right. 

There you can change any of the information on your profile, including age, password, presentation text etc.

How can I sort my Inbox?

You can sort the Lovemails in your Inbox using the Hotbox. Among other things, you can change settings to ensure that Lovemails from specific countries and specific ages are displayed at the top.

I'd like to change my e-mail address and username?

Unfortunately, you’re unable to change the e-mail address or username of an existing profile due to security reasons.

It says I've got unread messages by I can't see them in my inbox?

You’ve probably changed the settings of your hotbox (at the top of your inbox). Your hotbox allows you to filter the messages you want to see by country, age, etc. To see all your messages, reverse the changes you made to your hotbox settings and then click “Save”. You’ll then be able to see all your messages in your inbox again.

I don't want receive any more e-mails from Firstdate.

If you want to change your e-mail preferences or cancel your e-mail subscription, you can do this simply by changing your settings.

How do I find this?
My settings -> E-mail

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