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It all started one evening in August when I plucked up the courage to join Firstdate and wrote a little about myself to see what, if anything, would come of it. I was contacted that same evening by a guy who seemed to have both his feet firmly on the ground. I was interested and got back to him there and then. So we continued talking and telling each other about ourselves. Eventually he asked me out on a date. We decided it’d be nice to meet for coffee the following Saturday. He met me at Starbucks on Oxford Street where we had a coffee and did some people watching – it was good fun. We carried on messaging one another and talking, and a week later we went sailing on his magnificent boat and had coffee in the sun. We liked each other more and more, and this eventually turned into feelings of love. I fell for him because he was himself, caring and loving, and because we have fun together – he makes me laugh and feel good. Everything felt right, so we decided to move in together and we’re looking forward to our first summer as a couple. I have never even once regretted having found love at Firstdate.

Hi there! I didn’t really believe in internet dating, but after going out at lot I started to get bored with young, immature men, so I joined Firstdate as a bit of fun. I don’t know if it was coincidence or fate, but out of all the flirts I got I clicked on the one that my sweetheart had sent. I saw a great picture of a handsome man with a twinkle in his eye. He was also from the town where I grew up, and after I sent a message it turned out that we had mutual friends. We’d then sit for hours talking on the phone, but our first date wasn’t until two months later. He came to me and we clicked straight away. Since then we’ve been inseparable – that’s two and a half years now – and we’re just as in love as at the beginning, with plans to get married eventually. Thank you Firstdate for my fantastic future with this wonderful guy!


Hi! This is my story. I’d been a member for around two months when I sent a Lovemail. Lots of people replied, but there was one person who I really fell for. He was cute and romantic and had the same interests as me. We started writing to one another every day for around a week before I got his mobile number and we started exchanging text messages instead for a few days before we decided to meet. His name is Fredrik and he lives in Essex. He travelled the four hours to meet me up in Leeds. When he stood there at the train station waiting for me, he looked like a prince in the sunshine :) so cute. I didn’t dare get out of the car when I arrived, so he had to jump in. We then had an hour’s silent car journey down to a lake (my sister was with us). When we arrived we sat on a jetty and fished, spoke a little timidly with one another, then lit the barbecue and spent a cosy couple of hours together before he came home with me. We’ve been together since then – 4 October 2014! We’re the happiest people in the world right now.

My partner and I met three and a half years ago through Firstdate. We shared our Facebook profiles with one another and carried on chatting until we went on our first date. We’ve been together ever since and now have a beautiful 15-month old little boy. We’re more in love with each day that passes. We’re true soulmates – without the other, we don’t feel whole :) Hugs from us both